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How to set up a course in wpcourseware

1: Copy videos to Vimeo from where they will be streamed

2: WP Courseware:

  • Create course (note number on RH panel)
  • Create module (s)
  • Create units – using Vimeo block for link from Vimeo
  • Choose options on who can see the course etc.

3: In Vimeo:

  • Embed settings
  • Change to “no downloads” in the pre-sets
  • Change the thumbnail
  • Copy the link over into unit doc

4: Create a course outline post that will show in course catalogue

  • Clone an existing post – pay attention to its category, online or classroom
  • Edit the post
  • Create a header image – – Size 1140 x 458
  • Add this image as “featured image” for the post

5: Now check all the parts:

  • Does course show in catalogue in right section?
  • Does header image look ok?
  • Click through to course outline – all correct?
  • Is the image correct?
  • Now check course details – all showing properly?

6: When complete – add users to classroom

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