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God is Good (Imported)


How we think about God defines our realities and determines our destinies. In a world of fear, uncertainty, and hopelessness, do we truly see Him as good? In this empowering 8-part e-Course, Pastor Bill Johnson invites believers to build their lives on the unshakeable foundation that in all things, God is good. With a fresh perspective on His goodness, you will experience new realms of supernatural thinking that bring Heaven to Earth and change the atmosphere around you!

Module 1 God’s Goodness Shapes Our Reality
Unit 1 Download the Course manual
Unit 2 Session 1 Video Teaching
Module 2 God’s Goodness Is Defined in His Original Design for Creation
Unit 1 Session 2 Video Teaching
Module 3 God’s Goodness Revealed in the Old Testament
Unit 1 Session 3 Video Teaching
Module 4 God’s Goodness Is Experienced in His Glorious Presence
Unit 1 Session 4 Video Teaching
Module 5 God’s Goodness Expressed Through Perfect Judgment
Unit 1 Session 5 Video Teaching
Module 6 God’s Goodness Displayed in Jesus Christ: Perfect Theology
Unit 1 Session 6 Video Teaching
Module 7 God’s Goodness Demonstrated Through His Perfect Will
Unit 1 Session 7 Video Teaching
Module 8 God’s Goodness Is an Anchor in Mystery, Tragedy, and Disappointment
Unit 1 Session 8 Video Teaching
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