Here are some simple prayer topics to prompt your prayers

1. Pray for the healing of those who are sick or suffering.

2. Pray for the strength to overcome sin and temptation.

3. Pray for an end to violent conflict in the world.

4. Pray for the comfort of those who are grieving.

5. Pray for your family’s health and well-being.

6. Pray for the elderly and those in nursing homes.

7. Pray for unity and reconciliation in the body of Christ.

8. Pray for financial stability and provision.

9. Pray for wisdom to discern God’s will in your life.

10. Pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

11. Pray for racial reconciliation and justice.

12. Pray for the salvation of those who don’t know Jesus.

13. Pray for peace in your home and relationships.

14. Pray for the persecuted Christians in various parts of the world.

15. Pray for the unity of Christians in our area.

16. Pray for the growth of our church.

17. Pray for missionaries and their work around the world.

18. Pray for the proclamation of the Gospel in Scotland.

19. Pray for the leaders of our nation.

20. Pray for guidance in your daily decisions.

21. Pray for the homeless and those in need.

22. Pray for the sanctification of your heart.

23. Pray for humility and a servant’s heart.

24. Pray for those struggling with addiction.

25. Pray for the homeless and marginalised in society.

26. Pray for an end to human trafficking and exploitation.

27. Pray for your own personal spiritual growth.

28. Pray for the persecuted Church in closed nations.

29. Pray for better education and opportunities for underserved communities.

30. Pray for hope and support for those struggling with addiction.

31. Pray for peace in regions plagued by conflict and war.

32. Pray for healing for those affected by natural disasters.

33. Pray for blessings on first responders and healthcare workers.

34. Pray for those preparing for baptism.

35. Pray for those considering partnering with Harvest in membership.

36. Pray for ongoing healthy finances in the Church.

37. Pray for our Launch Sunday Services.

38. Pray for our Christmas Celebration Services.

39. Pray for the Church Leadership Team as they prepare for the new building.

40. Pray for Assemblies of God Churches across Scotland.

41. Pray for the completion of our building project on time and on budget.

42. Pray for the Harvest Staff Team.