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Our New Home is OPEN! After nearly 5 years of rebuilding and refurbishment, the building was officially opened on Saturday 27th January and Dedicated at an amazing celebration on Sunday 28th January.

The gallery will be updated in due course, but you can watch the whole Dedication service below or look at some short photo compilations from the weekend.

Saturday Short

Sunday Short Sunday Full Service

October 29th

Our mortgage funding was released early in October and work has been going on apace. The first fit is now completed on all areas including plumbing, electrical and audio visual components. The joiners have just about completed dry lining the whole building, completing all the skirting boards (miles!) and are currently fitting internal doors. External work has now been done to level the “garden” which paves the way for the installation of the gas main. Exterior brickwork has been repaired and the whole place is beginning to take shape.

Painters and decorators are about half way through painting the main auditorium and upper floor ahead of the carpets being fitted in the next few weeks.

Have a quick look at this walk through video and the pictures in the photo gallery.

The whole team are absolutely committed to do our best by this historic building, treating it with sympathy as we bring it up to date to serve the Church and the community for the next 100 years. There is so much we would like to do and as always this depends on raising the necessary funds for each component part of the project.

If we can continue the momentum of refurbishment our plan is to open in late November 2023.

If you, your family or business would like to sponsor some part of the next phase please be in touch and one of the team will be happy to facilitate a discussion with you. We have projects ranging in value from a few hundred pounds right up into the fifty thousand mark.

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September 20th

Work has been progressing albeit slowly as we await the release of our mortgage funding. Since the last update the carpenters, electricians and plumbers have been continuing the fit out. All the auditorium area and lower hall are completely lined out with plasterboard ready for plaster and painting in due course. This has been a big job as the area involved is massive. Plasterboarding has also been completed in the front porchway. Work has also been done on choosing carpets, floor covering, paint and some internal fittings. Lot’s of discussion about lots of details. Take a look at the photo gallery which this time features some of the areas that are still under construction.

August 25th

The most recent phase of work has now been going on for just short of two months and the transformation is astonishing. Since the last update a new ceiling has been installed in the main auditorium area above which is the required insulation making the room cosier and quieter than it has ever been. The decision to raise the roof and shape it up and across, keeping the original beams visible has turned out to be the right one as the roof looks fantastic. The vaulted roof gives an incredible feeling of space and light in the room. The main LED feature lighting has been installed and gives a sense of our modern hi tech adaptation of the building bringing it bang up to date. The roof details have been painted anthracite grey to contrast with the white ceiling tiles and white walls. The back wall is also being painted a dark colour and again all this adds to the vibe of historic building tastefully restored.

The stage area which was very decayed has been completely removed and rebuilt using steel RSJ and timber flooring. The plasterwork throughout the building has been progressing nicely and in the balcony area where we have the sound room and two small offices the plasterwork and ceiling has been completed; the first time they have actually felt like rooms. The accessible toilet on the auditorium level has also been “boxed out” giving that area some shape too.

On the mezzanine floors between the auditorium and the lower hall work progresses too. The windows have been replaced with double glazed units and first fit electrics and plumbing completed. Next stage is plaster boarding. The lower hall was the most complete area and that is currently just about ready for skim coat plaster and painting.

Take a look at the photo gallery and see the changes for yourself.

June 29th

The work is underway. Two major component parts are being worked on at the moment: the internal roofline above extensive scaffolding where a false ceiling is being installed. The second area of work is the installation of new girders and concrete floor at the stage area. This will allow preachers to get excited and jump up and down without risking life and limb 🙂

June 5th

After 18 months of planning, contracting, phenomenal giving and general perseverance, today we handed over the keys to our contractor. Work begins today on Phase 3 of the project which will see us “in” to our new building in around 6 months. We are so grateful to God for His hand of blessing on this project, for the team that have worked so hard and to everyone who has given sacrificially to make today happen. Still a lot to do but today is a milestone day!

In 2019 we bought this building in Keith Street in Hamilton. Originally a chapel and then a Salvation Army Citadel the building had lain empty for many years whilst developers tried to find a use for it. The empty years led to significant damage and our efforts have largely focused on re-commissioning the building, making it structurally sound and now refurbishing it for future use.

Phase 3 of the refurbishment began in June 2023 and will allow us to get into the building and start to use it as our Church and Community Hub. This has been funded by extravagant giving from the congregation along with a mortgage for a small part of the total refurbishment.

Where the building is located.

If you would like to give to the redevelopment you can do so here or

The building is located in Keith Street in the heart of Hamilton, the county town for South Lanarkshire. It is easily accessible from the motorway network via junction 6 of the M74 as well as public transport rail and bus hubs which are within walking distance. Research has shown that there are 966,000 living within a 20 minute drive of Harvest@Junction 6.

How you can help us financially

We would love to complete this phase without a mortgage and below you will find details of how you can contribute your gift to the project. You might also like to give to additional work and improvements that specifically facilitate community work and access. You can contact us for a conversation about specific things you might help with.

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