Harvest is a Church that is vibrantly committed to prayer: personal devotional prayer, intercessory prayer and prayers as a celebration of God’s Kingdom purposes.

Pastor David shared the vision and practicalities in a recent talk that you can watch below.

Why a Prayer Army?

Whilst every member of  Harvest is encouraged to develop a healthy prayer life we recognise that some people are especially gifted and motivated to pray for others and that is where the Prayer Army comes in.

The Prayer Army is a group of Harvest people who commit to intercede daily for the needs of the Church, its leaders, its ministries and to carry specific prayer requests into God’s presence.

What does it do?

The Prayer Army commits to:

  • Pray daily using the “Prayer Shield”, a digest and prayer topics circulated in advance to cover in faith-full prayer
  • Gather 3 times a year with the whole Prayer Army for encouragement, teaching and prayer together
  • Respond as requested pray to emergency prayer needs as they arise

Who can join?

The Prayer Army is open to anyone who regularly worships at Harvest Church or is a regularly attending member of a Harvest LifeGroup.


To sign up to the Prayer Army there is a simple application form which outlines some of the confidentiality and communication requirements.

So, if you think this is a ministry for you just hit the button below.

You can also download a copy to print and complete by clicking the link to the right