Alpha Team


As an Alpha Course Team Member, you will play a vital role in facilitating the Alpha Course, creating a welcoming environment for participants to explore faith and engage in meaningful discussions.


– Assist in planning and organising Alpha Course sessions, events, and activities.

– Create a warm and inclusive atmosphere for participants to share and discuss their thoughts on faith.

– Facilitate small group discussions, encouraging open dialogue and mutual respect.

– Support in coordinating logistics, materials, and resources for Alpha Course sessions.

– Provide guidance to participants seeking to deepen their understanding of Christianity.

– Foster a sense of community and friendship within the Alpha Course group.

– Attend team meetings and training sessions to stay informed about Alpha Course content and methodology.

– Collaborate with fellow Alpha Course Team Members to ensure a cohesive and effective course experience.

– Uphold the church’s values and mission, creating a space where individuals feel safe to explore their faith.

– Assist in promoting and recruiting participants for upcoming Alpha Courses.


– Passion for creating a welcoming environment for individuals exploring faith.

– Strong interpersonal and communication skills to engage with participants.

– Reliability and punctuality in attending Alpha Course sessions and team meetings.

– Respect for diverse perspectives on faith and a non-judgmental approach.

– Ability to facilitate group discussions and encourage active participation.

– Team-oriented mindset and willingness to collaborate with fellow Alpha Course Team Members.

– Familiarity with the Alpha Course content and methodology is beneficial.

– Prior experience in facilitating small group discussions or involvement in Christian education is advantageous.

Joining the Alpha Course Team provides an opportunity to guide individuals on their faith journey and contribute to a supportive community exploring the foundations of Christianity. Your role will help create an environment where participants can ask questions, share experiences, and grow in their understanding of faith.