Worship Team


As a Worship Team Member, you will play an integral role in leading the congregation in worship through music and song. Your musical talents and dedication to creating a worshipful atmosphere will contribute to the spiritual experience of the church community.


– Participate in rehearsals to prepare for upcoming worship services and events.

– Lead or support vocals and instrumentals during church services, creating a worshipful atmosphere.

– Collaborate with the Worship Team in selecting and arranging songs for services.

– Practise regularly to maintain and improve musical proficiency.

– Foster a sense of unity, engagement, and worship among team members and the congregation.

– Work closely with the worship leader and other team members to ensure a coordinated presentation.

– Attend team meetings and training sessions to stay informed about worship service plans.

– Contribute ideas and feedback to enhance the quality of worship experiences.

– Uphold the church’s values and mission, aligning musical selections with the overall theme.


– Proficiency in playing a musical instrument or vocal performance.

– Strong musical ear and the ability to harmonise or play in a band setting.

– Dedication to regular practice and continuous improvement of musical skills.

– Reliability and punctuality in attending rehearsals and church services.

– Team-oriented mindset and a commitment to collaborative worship leadership.

– Respect for the church’s values and a heart for leading others in worship.

– Willingness to contribute creatively to the worship experience.

– Previous experience in a worship team or musical ensemble is beneficial.

– Ability to adapt to different musical styles and genres.

Joining the Church Worship Team offers an opportunity to use your musical talents to lead the congregation in worship. Your role will contribute to creating a meaningful and spiritually uplifting experience for the church community during worship services and events.