Car Park Team


As a Church Car Park Team Member, you will play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and welcoming experience for all attendees by managing the parking facilities during church services and events. Your friendly demeanour and organisational skills contribute to a positive first impression for those arriving at the church.


– Greet and guide attendees as they enter the designated parking area.

– Direct vehicles to available parking spaces in an organised manner.

– Ensure efficient traffic flow within the parking facility.

– Assist with managing parking logistics during special events or high attendance services.

– Provide information about designated parking areas and any special instructions.

– Collaborate with fellow Car Park Team Members to coordinate efforts.

– Maintain awareness of parking capacity and communicate updates to team members.

– Address any parking-related concerns or issues with a helpful and courteous attitude.

– Uphold safety standards and assist in emergency situations if necessary.

– Attend team meetings and training sessions to stay informed about parking procedures.


– Friendly and approachable demeanour.

– Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

– Reliability and punctuality in attending church services, events, and team meetings.

– Ability to remain calm and organised in high-traffic situations.

– Respect for safety regulations and a commitment to creating a secure parking environment.

– Team-oriented mindset and willingness to collaborate with fellow Car Park Team Members.

– Previous experience in parking management or customer service is beneficial.

– Understanding and adherence to the church’s values and mission.

– Physical ability to stand for extended periods and work outdoors in various weather conditions.

Joining the Church Car Park Team offers an opportunity to contribute to the positive and welcoming experience of attendees from the moment they arrive. Your role ensures smooth parking logistics, making it easier for individuals to participate in church services and events.